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The information in the question and answer guide is intended to provide assistance to the customer. So whether it’s a faulty appliance that requires returning, or you have intentions of joining our workforce, or you simply want to know the products we sell, you will find all the information you seek in this section.

We have provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions, click on any question to reveal the answers, this section is updated regularly.


What product do you sell?

We carry a lot of products, from home wares, kitchen appliances, electronics,

clothing, cosmetics, confectionary, groceries, fruits and vegetables, sport equipment

and accessories, and whole lot more.

Who should i contact if I'm looking for a job?

We are always happy to have you join our ever growing and exciting team.

If you  seeking for a job, visit the ‘Application Process’ page on our website, find out the available

openings and simply apply. If for any reason you experience difficulties while applying

online, email us at careers@robanstores.com

How do i report a problem in the store?

We always want to serve you better. If you encounter any problems or difficulties

while shopping at any of our stores, do not hesitate to talk to any of our floor supervisors.

They are always happy to listen to any your complaints.

How can I find out if a particular item is in stock?

To find out whether a particular item is in stock please visit or call or customer

service desk, and they will be happy to offer their assistance

How can i become a supplier?

We pride ourselves on having good supplier relationships.

View the Application process before proceeding with the online application, fill in the appropriate

details in the suppliers form and upload a proposal. Then wait for a response from us.

Can I place an order of a particular item in a large quantity?

This is specifically for baked produce/ pastries.

Visit any of our stores and place this order with kitchen supervisors.

To pre-order any item, payments must be made.

I have seen ADS on job openings online or around, is they real?

We warn our customers against fake ads circulating online telling people to pay a particular

amount for a job interview or application, or follow a link and pay online to apply for a job.

Please be aware that we do not charge any fee for both application and interview, and that

these posts are not published by Roban stores. If you would like to apply of view openings

visit the recruitment page. If we review your application and deem you a perfect fit for our

company, then we will arrange for an interview.  All interviews are conducted  within our

premises, and not outside our premises (e.g. hotels, external offices)