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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders Engagement is necessary to ensure effectiveness in our company and improve our decision-making because the actions we take as a company impacts on our stakeholders.

We make it a priority to create job opportunities in our company to improve the lives of people in our community. We recruit the right people and place them in the right job position which enables us to deliver excellent customer service and meet set goals. Our intention is to retain our staff and develop individual talents so that they will grow with our business.  We train our staff and provide them with resources to help them develop with our business.

We engage our staff during meetings because we value their opinion and we want fresh ideas on how to serve our customers better.  We value diversity because Nigeria is a nation of various ethnicity with different talents. We believe in team work and cooperation which brings out the best in our collective talents.

Women play key roles in our establishment as they hold several managerial positions in our business.  We employed well trained & experienced buyers to follow our company policies and procedures to ensure responsible trading. Our buyers practice responsible sourcing to ensure that our products are from reliable and legal sources. We occasionally review the terms of employment to ensure that our staff enjoys better benefits to keep their morale high.


The essence of our business is to satisfy our customers. We made customer feedback available for our consumers to inform us of their suggestions and opinions in order to improve our customer service. Our store is very detailed with name tags in  all sections and well labelled prices on store shelves, making it easier for our valued customers to navigate the store and identify their desired products. We have uniformed staffs on all sections of the store ready to deliver the best possible service for our customers.

We encourage our customers by  slashing the prices of the products featured on our seasonal discount brochures. We also have a reduced price items section meant for customers looking to buy cheaper products. Our regular opening and closing times are from 9 am to 8:30 PM Nigerian Time, however during holiday shopping period we extend our closing time due to increased traffic of shoppers in our store.


We have a cordial relationship with the media and we utilize their services to reach out to the general public about our store activities. Through this way, our customers are able to respond and follow up with the events of our store. Our Suppliers are responsible for maintaining Roban Stores’ reputation of having good quality products & variety of items.  

Our Suppliers provide us with variety of local and foreign products with good shelf life avoiding sudden expiration. We value our partners and continue to maintain a good relationship with them.


We are regularly audited by the Federal Government Health Regulators to ensure that our company complies with the standard set by the Government for safety of the general public. We also work with  Waste Management Authority to ensure that our waste is properly disposed by state officials.

We comply with them and pay the bills necessary for their waste disposal service. Fire Service Officials visit our store regularly to ensure that our business is safe for the public. They review our fire extinguishers and check for maintenance dates. They also check for potential fire hazard around the store and look for fire exits around the store to ensure public safety.

We adhere to the requirements of our Government Regulators and continue to cooperate with them to ensure public safety.


 We recruit the right people, which enables us to deliver excellent customer service and meet set goals.

Excellent Service