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Our goals remains the same and we have refined our goals to reflect our  commitments to serving our customer and meeting their needs. The aim is to be a leader in the modern trade and also a trusted retailer for shoppers. Our values guide us in everything we do.

In a dynamic organization, interactions exist between the staff and the customers.

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

In a dynamic organization, interactions exist  between the staff and customers. The ability of the organization to initiate plans and procedures that will foster such interactions in other to boost customer confidence and satisfaction is referred to as customer service.

Customer is king, therefore, we provide a conducive and friendly business environment where customers will always want to shop. The character of our staff is paramount. In order to reconcile the interest of the company with that of the customer, we try to bridge the gap between our staff and customers by engaging  them in staff training with the sole purpose of delivering excellent service.

We have a strong culture at Roban, which gives us an edge over our competitors. Our culture aims at delivering excellent service to our customers. We give our customers adequate attention, by understating their needs, explaining the features of a product and suggesting alternative products.

We believe in longevity, so we ensure that  we provide quality products for  our customers. Customer service functions as a catalyst for conflict resolution and its value in our business cannot be overemphasized.


We recognized that our people are making a difference, so we are committed to the development of our staff. While creating a conducive and exciting working environment, we have set-up training schemes to support and encourage our staff.


We are committed to offering excellent  service and providing quality goods at fair prices for our customers.


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Our CEO believes that life is all about improvement. We share the same vision and are committed to exploring better options to improve our operations. We maintain good business relationship with our partners and stay engaged with them in order to surpass our past achievements. Our suppliers are reliable and remain committed in supplying us with variety of products to fulfil our customers’ needs.  

  Our store is renowned in the eastern part of Nigeria and we are committed to growth as we continue to expand our company to serve more parts of the country. We understand the necessity to create more jobs to reduce unemployment in Nigeria and will continue to play our part as our business grows.

We are well known for the freshness and quality of our bread and bakery products, pastries, we remain committed in ensuring that our pastry department improves to include more food products that will delight our customers. We will continue to maintain the food safety standard set by the federal government and promote healthy lifestyle to our shoppers. We remain committed to our customers and will continue to deliver the best customer service possible.